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Can we achieve the world average robot density ?

Robot density is a measurement of level of automation in a country. It's measured by using number of robots divides by 10,000 employees. The higher this number means more workers are free from doing dull, dirty and dangerous jobs.
Advanced countries usually have more than 100 robots per 10,000 employees. The world's average is 66.
For Malaysia, this number is only about 30.
Greenamics Technology is commited to help Malaysia to achieve the world average of 66.


Automation often involve a lot of cost and not flexible. GTR1 is a robot is an alternative for you. It's affordable and flexible.

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Automation is the future trend

Labour shortage is becoming a more and more critical problem in recent years.
Since 90's, our country's economy had been growing fast. Most Malaysian manufacturers has chosen a short-cut to use foreign labour to overcome the needs of the industries. However, this short-cut is not healthy. We did not build our strength in any industries. Almost all Malaysian industries have mentality to use foreign labour to overcome the labour shortage problem. However, labour shortage problem should be overcome through conversion into automation process. Many existing manual process can be automated. Automation is not an easy path. It takes a long time. It requires a lot of communication and exchange of idea between automation service provider and manufacturers. It also requires manufacturers to acquire new skills and new know-how. But it's much more worth than choosing foreign labour as the short-cut because automation will eventually lead to much more saving.
In the future, a factory that really embrace on automation will double their productivity with lesser people than before. Companies who fail to transform into higher level of automation will slowly be eliminated.