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Bowl-less Vibration Feeder

Bowl-less Vibration Feeder is a product developed by Greenamics Technology to reduce the cost of current vibration feeder. We named it bowl-less vibration feeder to contrast it with the currently the mainstream bow-type vibration feeder. The disadvantage of bowl feeder is the bulky-ness and the high cost. As a result of the round shape, vibrational bowl feeder is not space-efficient because some dead space in corners cannot be used to contain the parts. However, the bowl-less vibration feeder uses a space-efficient rectangular container. Furthermore, container size is not bound by the vibrator design. So container can be increased in size at ease.

The most important part is the price, The bowl-less vibration feeder is about half of the price as of bowl-type vibration feeder.

1 unit   RM6500

2 units RM12000

3 units RM17000

4 units RM21000